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Good morning, Annapurna!

October 29, 2010


Taylor and I went on our first trek in Nepal this past week, and I had my closest, clearest view yet of the Himalayas. Oh. My. Word. What a completely surreal experience. My pictures here are, of course, not as good as Taylor’s, who has some eye-popping shots on his blog. We took a bus […]

Beware of dust

October 14, 2010


After an ongoing weeks-long internal debate, I’ve decided what it is that I dislike the most about Nepal. It’s the dust. There’s not much to dislike here. Sure, there are plenty of things to put you outside your comfort zone, but that’s what makes traveling fun. Squat toilets, cold showers, rank street smells—these are all […]

Sunrise in Nagarkot

October 9, 2010


    The best stress reliever in the world is not, as some would guess, yoga. Nor is it a massage. It’s not a hot shower, and it’s not a sauna. No, no, you’re all wrong. The best stress reliever is watching the sun rise over the Himalayas. Most of last week for me was […]

The day I saw a living goddess

October 5, 2010


How many people can say they’ve seen a living goddess? In Nepal, quite a few. Some Fulbright folks (and me, their resident tag-along) got the chance to see one a few weekends ago at Indra Jathra, a Nepali festival celebrating the end of the monsoon season. Some Hindus and Buddhists believe the Kumari is a […]