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Holy Holi!

March 21, 2011


Humanity in general loves spring. We like the flowers that bloom, the return of the daylight hours, and the warmth in the air. Around the world, religious celebrations and the changing seasons seem to go hand-in-hand — in the states we have Easter, Passover, and the Spring Equinox, all marking the coming of new life. […]

Tibetan Uprising Day

March 10, 2011


March 10 is a historical day for Tibetans: In 1959, Tibetans in the capital city of Lhasa surrounded Potala Palace to protect the Dalai Lama and fight back against the People’s Republic of China. Today March 10 is observed as “Tibetan Uprising Day” to commemorate the continuing struggle of Tibetans to free their country from […]

Happy Birthday, Shiva!

March 6, 2011


This week, the Hindu population of Kathmandu had reason to celebrate. The ladies wore their finest saris or kurtas bedazzled all over with silver and gold, while the men gathered in big, roving groups with mischievous glints in their eyes. Little children drank too much “bhang”—yogurt mixed with cannabis—and had to take to their beds […]

Christmas cheer in South Asia

December 13, 2010


We had our first visitor from home this weekend! Taylor’s dad was on a business trip in Dubai and was able to reroute his flight home to include a stop in Kathmandu. (Sweeeeet.) Sadly, he was only able to stay for one night, but it was enough for a whirlwind tour of KTM and to […]

My totally surreal Thanksgiving Eve

November 26, 2010


I need to get this down while it’s still fresh in my head. And I didn’t take any photos, so I apologize, you get a photo of my niece and nephew watching TV on Thanksgiving at my parents’ house instead. But this is what happened to me on the day before Thanksgiving in Kathmandu: Taylor […]

After Tihar: City-wide hangover

November 10, 2010


Think you can party hardy? Thought you were pretty wild during your college days? Then you ought to try bringing the party to Nepal during Tihar, because I’ll bet you this country can out-celebrate and out-party even *you* during their festival of lights. So Tihar — also known as Diwali in some circles — is […]

The big, bad, bamboo swing

November 1, 2010


Just a few weeks ago, all of Nepal celebrated Dasain, the biggest national holiday of the year. It’s a two-week-long event that involves family gatherings, animal sacrifices, offerings to the gods, blessings, and lots of food and drink. We lonely Westerners didn’t have family to visit, so we weren’t privy to all the festivities that […]